Refund Policy

7am Epiphany, LLC will always do our best to meet your needs and expectations and we also believe in Agreements and written communication in the form of emails, preferably, and/or Messenger including text messages so there is no misunderstanding.

We offer every potential client written proposals and quotes for services requested and services that we recommend.  Upon acceptance of such proposal and/or quote, we then propose a conference call if not an in-person meeting followed by a Website Design and Marketing Agreement that will require your thorough understanding, signature and date of such.

It is important to our team that you are receiving exactly what was proposed and agreed upon.  Our goal is to establish and grow a successful relationship that is beneficial to the growth of your business.

What Clients Are Agreeing To

Client:  You will need to clearly communicate what you expect us to do and these expectations should be clearly mentioned in the design and marketing agreement. 7am Epiphany, LLC in turn will give you an agreement that states the deliverables and agreed upon compensation once those deliverables are met. Typically our development and services have milestones, however, in the Terms and Conditions of our Agreement, you will have paid upfront either in a Paid in Full scenario or Installment plan where a deposit and the first month are due before we begin design and development.  We do design in milestones and each milestone requires your review and acknowledgement, and in no way should a delay in design and development ever delay in payment from you to Company.  You agree to email us any and all files of images, content as necessary or information you wish for us to include on your website if we are not hired to write unique content for your online project.

We will also need you to review our work, provide feedback and approval in a timely manner. We work off of deadlines, and those go both ways. You agree to meet deadlines that we set together. Finally, you also agree to remit payment on schedule and if not, you agree to paying a small late fee and/or forfeiting the website altogether if you fall behind on payments more than (1) one month.  Please pay particular attention to our Agreement Terms and Conditions regarding.

As of July 24, 2023, we no longer offer refunds on any agreed-upon service and nor do we perform any service without an Agreement protecting our time and related costs to produce what was discussed in regards to any service we offer:  website design, funnel design, social media marketing, online advertising, PPC, Google and/or Facebook; Instagram ads and SEO work.

Furthermore, we require a minimum of a 6-month agreement for any service that we offer.  As seasoned advertising experts that are known for high conversions and sales, we know it will take a minimum of 2-3 months for ad campaigns to gain traction and increase sales.  This is a marathon, not a sprint. 

7am Epiphany, LLC: We offer a combined 60 + years experience and the knowledge, ability and passion to do everything we state we will do in our Agreement with you and will do so in a professional and timely manner. Our team will endeavor to meet every deadline that is set and if we foresee a delay, you will be notified within 5 days of a pending deadline.  From experience, it takes time to grow and scale a successful campaign and the cooperation and understanding of our client is crucial to the overall success. 

Example Scenarios:

  1. You enter into a 6-month agreement and pay month-to-month.  After your new e-commerce website launches you have 14-days to prove to us that we didn't design and develop a website according to the Agreement that you and our Company agreed too.  If you cannot prove this, you will be bound by the Agreement to fulfill your financial obligation.  You may cancel your agreement with us however, you will lose the website we just designed and built for you and we will report your default to all three credit reporting agencies (Experian, Trans Union and Equifax).
  2. With marketing, advertising and SEO agreements, all agreements are 6 month terms.  As experienced marketers and advertisers we know that it takes up to 6-months, if not longer, to generate sales from consistent advertising on new websites and marketing webinars.  However, if you need to step away from our Agreement, please let us know by emailing and we can pause your agreement for a period of 30 days and simply add that month to end of your agreement. 


  • Any deliverable that has been accepted and paid for is excluded from any refund.
  • Any request made after 30 days of payment for website design.
  • Any request made after 30 days for marketing, advertising and/or SEO.
  • 7am Epiphany, LLC does not issue refunds on 1st-time/deposit payments, monthly payments for website design and/or Paid In Full unless gross negligence can be proved.
  • We do not issue refunds if the Client has been uncooperative and didn't send us requested content, images or any other asset needed to complete the design, development and/or content development in a timely fashion as agreed to in the Agreement.  We cannot be held responsible for a Client's negligence and nor can we wait months on end for the Client to send or post in Workplace what we need to complete a website.  
  • We do not issue refunds on any Website Design, Marketing, SEO and/or Ads courses.  
  • We reserve the right to terminate any Agreement with a Client if the Client is unwilling to lean on us for our expertise and/or continues to be difficult to work with; mistreats any member of our team.


All other Terms and Conditions are clearly stated in the Company and Client Agreement.  


Refund Policy Updated:
July 24, 2023

Sydney Ray has been designing websites for over 20 years. Ms Ray approaches website design the same way an artist approaches canvas with a paintbrush. It is a true artistic gift to design websites in such a way that the target audience engages, scrolls, subscribes and buys.