We design, write and code websites with your target audience in mind.

Oh.....and bonus: we SEO optimize every-single-website RIGHT the first time. The way it should be.

Blog Launch with Content Management Service - 7am Epiphany
Blog Launch with Content Management Service - 7am Epiphany Design & Marketing

we also write a lot of content: ads, social media, websites and seo

Content here, copy there. A little AI here and there; mostly unique. All tested - warm, sticky & engaging copy to get the attention of the reader - loaded with SEO from top to bottom. Speaking of which....

Yes, you want this.

Some people truly think they need "seo" in order to get sales.

Yes. True.

While your website should be SEO optimized, the biggest problem we see with websites is the DESIGN. Does your website resonate with the target audience? Do you even know WHO your target audience is?

There are TWO types of buyers: Emotional and Logical. Emotional buyers are easy - they know what they want and by golly, they are going to get it. The Logical Buyer is an entirely different breed. They will check out your entire website, read reviews on all social media, read your entire Google My Business, calculate reviews, consider both good and bad, research the industry, your product and when they come to your website to buy.....they-are-ready-to-become-loyal-lifetime-buyers.

What does your website say about your product and/or service?

I'll tell ya, having checked out and tested thousands of websites over 20 plus years, your website design may not be the best and that's why your marketing and ads are not converting (whether the agency you hired launched the campaign or you went out on your own and launched a ridiculously expensive Google Ads campaign all by your lonesome).

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That "6 seconds" literally starts from the top (of every page of your website).

Why? Because when organic and paid traffic hits your site, the traffic sees the first section no-matter-what.

This page you are reading .....is the homepage. Us UX/UI Designers (User Experience/User Interface) designers and copywriters write compelling copy (website content) to get your attention.

When we design and write copy for a website, we test and test the top section of every page to be sure that it captures the attention of the target audience.

Because......time is money. And heck, every dollar you spend towards marketing and advertising should produce a conversion and/or sale.

That's why......those 6-seconds matter.


At this agency, we are super-duper transparent. It's important that you learn how to be successful with your online assets, rather than just paying us "gobs" of money to make you super rich and then at the end of the day saying to yourself, "I dunno how they do it, but they do it and I actually understand what the heck I am paying for."

"I am sold, take my money!" WHOA....hang on one pretty moment, mmm 'kay?

Read this cool disclosure:

We are a boutique DONE-FOR-YOU agency that specializes in attention-getting website design, copy-that-sells and ORGANIC HIGH-RANKING SERP (SEO). We secure, setup and manage your brand across the Internet, social media channels, and launch wildly successful MARKETING & ad campaigns (SEM).

Some may refer to us as "growth hackers" and/or "relationship marketing experts." Our ideal clients are entrepreneurs, ecommerce business owners, and/or professional service providers that don't have the time or knowledge to worry about website design, social media marketing and online advertising.

We work with well-funded startups to multi-million dollar brands.

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Our Process Is Your Success


    We developed a proprietary Discovery Process based upon the "4 Pillars to Successful Website Design & Marketing" that brings out the vision you have for your company.


    As professional marketers, we know that color psychology and lifestyle imagery has a lot to do with invoking an emotional response from your customer that leads to conversions and sales.


    We tell your story in a way that is compelling to make a user want to subscribe, buy and tell their friends to do the same. We use copy-that-sells, storytelling & lifestyle images.

Our key competitive difference: relationship marketing

We know that Relationship Marketing combined with Attraction Marketing.....works.  It is this foundation that we can learn the most about you, your Clients, and Customers. Combined with our knowledge, experience, and passion for design, marketing, data analytics and all things SEO; together we can launch and scale a high converting, gorgeous e-commerce store that has a high number of conversions (subscriptions) and sales. When we package a good looking and written; coded website with our online marketing and advertising services, the strongest result is a higher than average ROAS which leads to a beautiful ROI.

P.S. We need you to trust us and our method. Which works on all levels way better than most (and we ain't braggin' - it just is).

Blog Launch with Content Management Service 7am Epiphany


We listen and read what you have to say.

Having worked with many startup entrepreneurs, busy business owners, and executive team members, we know that communication is key to not only your success, but, our success together.  We take care of you through every phase of the relationship; from concept and launch to scale and exit.

We may very well be one of the most transparent agencies in existence. We manage all clients online a proprietary platform and we show you reports of all sales and analytical data and explain what the data means.

Want to meet in person? No problem. Our agency owns a boutique B&B and you and your decision makers are welcome to stay as our guest(s) if you aren't local. Wanna Zoom? No problemo. Click HERE to Get Started.

OUR #1 KPI's: SALES, Retention, churn & .....

As Marketing UX Designers who are experts at copywriting that sells; ads and data......results matter. Sales matter and so does how, where, who, when, why and what....we're going to go all in and blow your stats away (in a good $$$$$ way), even if it means we need to redesign your website once or a few times over (ahem, this is included in your design fee with us....as are edits).

Simply put: we go the extra mile and we do what it takes to make sure your business wins on Facebook, Instagram, Online, eBay and/or Amazon. Get ready to see your ads e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

Watch how we take $1 and stretch it like taffy giving you a ROAS of 2,594,7% on Amazon (real results from a Client for the month of May 2023) or as shown here......<--that image is a Shopify snapshot: those sales are a result of "Direct Traffic aka Ads" based on a $2,000 Google Ad Budget and "Organic", ahem.....due to SEO; Facebook - almost $4,000 in sales on an Ad Budget of $475 (ROAS of 842.1%).

Total Shopify ROAS? Hold on to your cappuccino....3,560% + (sales increased later after we wrote this).


whoa, whoa.....wait a minute!

let's talk cybersecurity

how secure is your website?

We betcha say to yourself, "I have a SSL, I'm a-okay!"

Website Security is not just about having a SSL (Secure Socket Layer), but more like making sure your emails are secure to MFA online your website for customers and clients to ensuring your blocking traffic from certain countries.

On social media, it's absolutely about having 2FA and/or MFA (Multiple Factor Authentication) setup with secure email.

Let us test that website security for ya; including your social media....


let's see if we *click*

Whether you have a website or not, we look forward to learning more about you, your vision and business.