Student Preparation For Course Study

Thank you for submitting the Student Discovery Form to see if we are good fit!  

Taking the 7am Epiphany Student Course will empower you to design better websites for high quality clients from around the world (or the state and country you choose to work in!).  Sydney only accepts 2-3 students at a time in addition to her own Client work schedule.  

Unlock the secrets of effective UX website design and social media marketing with our comprehensive course study. Learn essential principles, strategies, and techniques to create user-friendly websites and compelling social media campaigns. Elevate your digital skills and gain the expertise needed to succeed in today's competitive online landscape.

The next step is a Discovery Call.  Please schedule this below.

step 2: the DISCOVERY CALL

Prepare for the call by having a notebook out and your laptop on and ready to go. We will be looking at websites and talking about your dreams and aspirations. This is an opportunity for you to get to know your Coach and your Coach to get to know you!

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