The Discovery & Agreement Process

As a potential client, we offer a very detailed Discovery process that will walk you through your concept; whether it's a startup or existing website in need of a redesign, content and/or development upgrade.

Our Discovery Process begins with a 45 minute phone call and afterwards you receive a link to our Discovery Form where you will answer a series of questions regarding your existing website, if any, your competition, sales goals and how you envision your website to look and feel.  

From there, we conduct online research to see what your competition is doing and how we can create a website and social media marketing that is different and more compelling.  After our research, we construct your proposal and email it to you for review, offering a link to speak with us via a Zoom video call.  

It's important to us that you fully understand what we are proposing to you as often times, potential Clients who come to us, don't fully understand website design and development, let alone what it takes to be successful in online marketing and advertising.  

After a thorough understanding of the proposal and your acceptance, we then have our legal advisor craft an unique Agreement that clearly lays out the services and terms of each service you've agreed too.  

7am Epiphany, LLC is a Texas and Louisiana based website design and marketing agency that is in good standing with the state.  We are also insured up to $1M of Professional Liability Insurance with Hiscox and can add additional riders as needed for larger based website builds and marketing and advertising projects.  

Upon your acceptance of our proposal, we send another Zoom link to you for an Agreement review at which point, Sydney Ray will lead the video call and read aloud the document for thorough understanding by all parties.  Again, it is important to us that our Clients understand the services that we are recommending and they are agreeing too.  Our proposals are very detailed and layout what we know, as Experts in the field, is needed on the website design and development, marketing and advertising front.  We encourage your questions throughout the process.

After that call, we then send the Agreement to you via Adobe Acrobat DC for signature and an invoice via Quickbooks for payment.  You do not need an Adobe Acrobat account in order to sign our Agreement, this is all done seamlessly online.

As for payment, all of our invoices offer ACH payments.  ACH is directly from your checking account to ours.  We do not accept credit cards.

24 hours after payment is received, you are assigned a Project Manager who introduces your design and marketing team via email and offers a link to schedule an Onboarding Call where you will meet the team and the Project Manager will go over the processes that will kick off the project.

Each of these steps is necessary to ensure your success online.  We take working with you serious as your investment into your online assets may be substantial.  

Your success online is our success, and we look forward to creating that for and with you.

Prepare for your call....