Discovery Process: Discuss Your Ideas With Our Team

What should you expect during a conference call to review the initial design of your website?  

The purpose of these calls is to discuss color psychology that the design team chose, the overall layout of the website, the copy, the CTA (Call To Action), Product Collections/Bundles and Upsells and how the site look/functions to not only you, the owner, but more importantly how it looks to the potential customer/customer.  

Website Design is a fluid process; that being said....the layout of the website does not change post launch approval nor during the course of editing or tweaking according to analytical data.  Why?  Because your audience hates change.  

The more familiar your website is to them (hear me out, we are about to dive into website modeling), the more likely they are to buy.  This is why many of the most successful ecommerce websites look similar to other successful ecommerce websites.  Customers like familiar websites.  Familiar websites are safe and seem more secure.  The emphasis should be placed on the product and the #1 KPI is always.....*always* SALES.

It is our goal at 7am Epiphany to tell your story in such a way that we attract customers, fans and followers to not only engage in social media marketing but, ultimately, trigger a response that results in an action taken on your website:  Shop-Buy-Checkout-Receive-Return-Buy-Again  

We want the experience to be so streamlined that the buyer repurchases and buyers do this on websites that look, feel and appeal to what they want and/or need.  

In order to prepare you and/or your team for this very important call, please prepare to take notes ON A NEW POST IN YOUR WORKPLACE GROUP so our entire team can read what your thoughts and questions are.  *During Onboarding, all Clients will be setup in a branded Workplace Group where we the team meets the Clients and we collaborate on your website design, marketing and advertising.

It is our goal to exceed your expectations and launch a successful website that will succeed.

Thank you for trusting us with your online website design and development, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and online advertising.


In order to prepare for your call, it's important to be in a quiet space where you can focus on the conversation. If you scheduled a Zoom and you want team members on the call, please be sure to include team members that are decision makers. All calls are recorded for quality assurance.

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