Join us for our next Agency Course: Website Design, Social Media Marketing, SEM/SEO and Copywriting Launching Monday, June 10th, 2024

Learn all about successful website design using color psychology, lifestyle imagery, copy-that-sells and SEO. Additionally, I will help and guide you in designing and developing a successful agency website. You will receive copies of all my proposals, agreements, - every app and platform that has helped me create and now currently scale a successful design and marketing agency.


Our Ideal Student | Which scenario is you?

IDEAL STUDENT #1 You are most likely going to be an existing business owner that wants to add, in-house, all the above services. YOU want to learn this so you can then train a small team to manage your online assets.

IDEAL STUDENT #2 You are an agency owner, of your 1-man setup, you. By definition, you are a Freelancer, but you want to be an agency and while you’ve gotten some pretty strong and maybe, high ticket Clients, you are not a 6-figure monthly agency. You want to be, but you are just not sure how to get from point A to where I am……and you’re really not sure who to learn from. You turned to the ”brand name pros” like Grant Cardone, Frank Kern, Russell Brunson….but you still don’t have all the pieces you need.Until now. Reading this…..and you know this is what you are missing. THIS/THESE are the missing piece(s) of your adventure to “big time agency status."

IDEAL STUDENT #3 Boutique Agency Owner who only knows Website Design but NOT on the Shopify platform. You may have a small team, 1-4/5 Word Press Designers/Developers and all you do is offer WP Design/Dev. You don’t offer marketing or ads, let alone SEO services. Heck, you may or may not even use copy-that-sells on your websites. You would love to have organic SERP, but it’s not really your wheelhouse. You’d love to learn more from a successful agency owner.

IDEAL STUDENT #4 You are a Boutique Marketing/Ads (or SEO) Agency or Freelancer. All you know is what you offer. You stay in your lane, but you’ve considered expanding outside of your lane. You know the pros, you’ve paid for a few Masterminds, it was awesome for a few weeks afterwards, but then that’s where the support ended. That’s when everything ended and you got refocused and fired back up on your Core Service Offering.But…’d like to expand as long as you don’t have to bring on employees. You have a vision for scaling, just not really sure who to trust.You are looking for me.

IDEAL STUDENT #5 You have never designed a website, let alone managed a Facebook social media campaign or launched ads. However, you want too. In fact, it's a passion that very few know about. You are a mom or dad, man or woman, retiree or young adult. You may be a high school student that loves playing around online, gaming and graphic design. You've got the support of your family, and that's important. You could be a college student that has fallen in love with social media and can see the opportunity to create something great; a legacy in fact. You may think to yourself, "there's so much more to do, to create and to succeed in." I'd be honored to work with you.

What is the selection process?

It's not very complicated.

We are seeking professionals who will commit themselves to learning......and who can be taught.

If you approach us as an Expert who already knows "everything," you won't learn what we are teaching you.

It's best that you have no professional background in our industry......or if you do, you are willing to learn.

You can be at any level......and if you are serious, focused and determined to succeed.....we will teach you everything we know and hold your hand through the process.

We need you to be successful so we can be successful for my, our and your clients moving forward.

How long is the course?

12-weeks, 3-days a week, 1-2-hours of live Zoom training - you choose the days or evenings.

This also includes an all-expenses paid trip to Louisiana to work with half our team in person. The agency pays for your flight, airport transfers, hotel accommodations, meals - anything and everything.

You also receive a swag bag of excellent reading, a journal and other surprises.

After successful completion, you then are offered a 12-month "internship" where we continue to train you, help secure clients for your agency and provide ongoing assistance in all areas of your new website design and marketing agency.

What happens if I get sick or have a family emergency? Can I reschedule?

Yes, of course. You will book all your trainings on your unique Calendly calendar with my agency.

If you need to reschedule, please just let me know via Messenger or text, and reschedule the training time.

How many students do you work with each training session?

Excellent question.

2, maybe 3 students

Our main focus is designing high ticket websites for Clients, so we cannot nor will not, take too many students than we can reasonably handle.

Do all students train together?

Absolutely not.

You train separately.

We teach you according to how you learn; and everyone learns differently.

Our time together is simply you and your assigned Coach. Each training is also recorded and posted in our Student Workplace group.

What do you teach?

Business Setup

- brand; your agency

- LLC setup

- Quickbooks

- a solid banking foundation


Shopify Website Design

- color psychology

- lifestyle imagery

- successful framework depending upon subject/product/service

- copy-that-sells copywriting

- seo

Social Media Marketing

- all social media channels that are applicable - full setup, how-to

- copy-that-sells

- how to successfully promote 2 or more links to different services in 1 post

- the use of emoji's and why

- how often to post and when

- how to seed your page; a client's page

- the 4 powerful ways to grow a loyal audience (organic and paid)

Facebook & Google Ads

- how to setup your Business Manager and Google Ads Account

- marketing infused copy

- the 6 different types of ads that convert

- how to choose the best audiences for your agency and your clients; budget and term


- learn all about position tracking, site audits and on-page seo checking

- backlinks and how to best build them for your agency and clients

- add proper meta blocks to the index code (and why it's important)

- why it's important to add alt-tags to all images

- meta titles, page titles, seo titles and descriptions (it's a lot of work, but worth it)

- why blogs are important to seo


- how to protect your home office/corporate environment; wifi security - network security - laptop and desktop security

- how to protect your passwords, email account(s), websites, social media and cellphone

- how to protect your internet browsing

- ethical hackback

And that's just a start.

This Course exists because we need to expand our team and scale the agency so we can continue to serve clients as they deserve.

We are giving you the keys to success......and we are taking time to teach you everything we know so we can be the best together.


Embark on a transformative journey into UX website design and social media marketing with our comprehensive course study. Learn essential principles and techniques to create exceptional user experiences and drive impactful social media campaigns.