After The Discovery Call

After the call we will continue with our research, due diligence and competitive analysis on your business model and industry. 

Upon receiving your form, we will then put together a Proposal based on the information you provided and any additional information we discovered during due diligence and competitive analysis.  

Sydney and her team maintain a foundation of 5-10 clients on a monthly basis giving first-come, first serve preference; with a goal of closing an additional 2 - 4 clients per month to ensure everyone receives the high level of attention to detail.  At no time will we ever accept more clients than what we can effectively manage.

We offer an excellent process of communication throughout the Discovery Process and throughout the relationship.  Every Client is assigned a Client and/or Project Manager and Team.  There will never be a time where you are sitting at home or in your office wondering what is going on with your website, social media marketing, SEO or online advertising.  

Our Team Leads post analytical data monthly in addition to the exchange of communication regarding all services from within your private workplace group.

Thank you for your interest in working with us.  We look forward to building a successful relationship that exceeds your expectations.  Please continue to the Discovery Form below.


The best way for us to learn about you and your company is for you to take the time to fill out our very comprehensive Discovery Form.

This form is lengthy, but we promise that the information you provide is all we need to redesign or design a new website for you.